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Jay-Be are Brand Leaders of Beds, Bunks, Mattresses, Sofas and Sofa Beds, Upholstery and Folding Beds. Established in 1968, with our products being made in our Yorkshire factories, we enjoy an enviable record of successful growth through the demand for innovative superior design, with a high intrinsic value and excellent quality. Located in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, Silentnight™ Beds is the UK's largest manufacturer of branded beds for the home. Silentnight™ is also famous for its Hippo and Duck characters who were created to demonstrate the unique "No Roll Together" properties of a Silentnight™ bed. Silentnight™ Beds is also the major brand within Silentnight Holdings Plc, one of Europe's largest furniture conglomerates. When developing the first ever range of beds exclusively for children, we understood that you and your children would know exactly what you wanted: choice, stylish design and fun elements, plus storage and washable accessories. My First Bed™ provides all this... A range of interchangeable, accessorised beds that can be easily customised. My First Bed™ is designed to fill children's dreams and grow up with them too. Hypnos Beds. Set deep in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Hypnos is a family owned, family run company, which has been producing traditional hand crafted beds for over four generations.Renowned for excellent pocket spring beds, quality and comfort are elements that shine through in all our products - paramount to the Hypnos philosophy.We are designers and manufacturers for both home and commercial use. Our beds have, over the years, given countless people endless nights of real sleep and total relaxation. Rest Assured Mr. Elias Heymanson founded Rest Assured in Northampton 1898. He made mattresses in his garden shed in the daytime and delivered them around the town at night. The company was called E. Heymanson & Co. In 1924, at the age of 15, Dennis Heymanson joined his father's business, and six years later, he took over due to his father's ill health.Myer's Beds Today Myer's are still manufacturing "comfortable beds" in their modern premises in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The site occupies 300,000 sqft on a 13 acre plot. This makes Myer's one of the largest manufacturing businesses in Huntingdon. Slumberland Beds Established in 1919, Slumberland UK has developed into one of the largest bed and mattress manufacturers in the country. With an exceptionally strong brand name, Slumberland is a market leader renowned for innovative technical development and design. In April 2001 Slumberland became part of Hilding Anders, the largest bed manufacturing group in Europe.Sealy BedsSealy United Kingdom operates under licence from Sealy Incorporated in North Carolina, USA. The company's success in the UK started in 1974, following the acquisition by the Silentnight Group of local bedding and furniture company M Hackney & Co, in Aspatria, West Cumbria.In the beginning, the company's annual turnover was a mere £450,000, but Sealy quickly started to flourish and has since established itself among the top UK bed manufacturers and employs approximately 400 people, mainly from its own locality. The manufacturing plant, which produces around 3,500 beds per week, was extended to 160,000 sq ft recently. This £1million investment, officially opened by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester, is part of Sealy’s on-going programme of development.The refurbishment covered all areas of the site, from the factory floor to the new showroom, and has created a more comfortable and efficient working environment.Dorlux Beds Dorlux have almost a century's experience in creating fine quality beds. In doing so we have learnt how to combine the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship to create one of the most exciting collections available. Our guiding principles are high quality materials, fine standards or workmanship and unbeatable value. At the forefront of innovation, the Dorlux Collection offers a wide range of different options with everything perfectly designed for you to Sleep in Luxury.Flexa Furniture and beds A FLEXA bed is a good starting point for the furnishing of a childs room. There are many possibilities, and using FLEXA 3D furnishing programme, you can easily find the solution, that is best for you and your child's needs. You can download the FLEXA 3D program to your computer, so you can furnish you and your child's room, when you wish. Dunlopillo beds Dunlopillo not only make some of the finest beds, mattresses and pillows available in the UK but are also one of the world's best known bedding brands. Cumfilux Beds Cumfilux Beds Limited are manufacturers of hand crafted mattresses and divans which are distributed to the general public through over 1000 independent retailers and multiple outlets. Relyon beds Relyon Limited started life in 1858 as a wool merchant in the Somerset town of Wellington. Originally named by the founding Price family as Price Brothers and Co., the business moved rapidly into manufacturing beds and in 1935 changed its name to Relyon Ltd. Since that time the Relyon brand name has become synonymous with the very highest standards of product design and manufacturing quality and is now recognised as the leading UK manufacturer in its field. Ebeniste Ltd Ebeniste Ltd. are located in the East Midlands within the county of Nottinghamshire. The company’s 2 acre site in Mansfield is dedicated to the production of pine beds only and does not diversify into furniture production. Up to date modern production facilities and a commitment to re-invest plant and personnel places the company in the UK’s top pine manufacturing category. This makes Ebeniste a specialist in their field with over a decade in designing and manufacturing pine beds. For Quality and Service choose Ebeniste Ltd. Protecting and caring for your bed or mattress. Mattress Facts You need a new mattress when your old one is stained, torn,creaking, lumpy or uneven, more than 10 years old or you awake with aches and pains and your quality of sleep is affected. Levels of firmness: Firm or extra firm: When it feels solid under your body. Less cushioning and flexibilty may cause pressure on your shoulders or hips. Pillow-Top: Extra layer of cushioning: the softest mattress that still provides support, these mattresses are quite often deeper that the norm so they might need deeper base sheets. Mattress Core: this is the centre of the mattress which is the area that will provide the support. Open coil unit: This spring unit is connected together and is a favourite with the larger manufacturers, it generally allows for the minimum costs in manufacture and comes in a variety of tension options. Fillings: General term used in the bedding industry to describe the layers of comfort that is put into a mattress, and the price of the mattress normally reflects the quality and quantity of the fillings. Hand Finished: this normally reflects the needle work that is made when side stitching pocket spung mattresses, where a needle with thick twine is sewn through the side of the mattress and connects to the spring unit to ensure that there is no movement during the mattresses life. Comfort level:In order to determine your desired comfort level, or surface feel use a scale of 1-10.9-10 Extra Firm7-8 Traditional Firm4-5 medium to soft feel 1-4 Soft Mattresses contain layers of natural fillings and it is important that your mattress is turned regularly to allow these fillings to settle evenly. Natural Settlement is a feature of high quality sprung mattresses and providing turning instructions are followed, settlement and bedding down of fillings should occur evenly across the mattress. Turning from side-to-side and top-to-tail weekly for the first three months and monthly thereafter will ensure that your mattress is kept in first class condition. Use a mattress protector to prevent soiling and staining. If your mattress does become wet, stand it on its side and allow to dry away from direct heat. Regular brushing and airing is recommended. On selected models regular turning is not necessary (this is indicated on the mattress label). To ensure even wear on the mattress we would suggest turning twice yearly We recommend that you DO NOT --fold or roll your mattress. use a new mattress on an old base Mattress Construction Explantion of technical terms Side Stitching - The bench mark for a quality pocketed sprung mattress. Long upholstery needles hand side stitch the mattress border with as many as four rows of side stitching. This time consuming process ensures the necessary rigidity and support to the mattress walls and extends the quality sleeping area right to the very edge of the mattress. Mattress Handles - Mattress handles are padded with cushioning and flag stitched with double stitching, not only to make turning a mattress easier but also to create perfect ventilation holes without the need for metal fixings. Hand Tufting - Each pocket sprung mattress is hand tufted at regular intervals. This traditional process ensures that all fillings are secured to the interior springs for guaranteed minimum wear and maximum durability. Pocketed spring system The finest high tensile steel is wound into individual springs, which are sewn into their own hard wearing 100% cotton calico pocket. Each pocketed spring is hand nested in a honeycomb pattern and hand tied with linen cord. Our commitment to continue our research and development ensures that our pocketed spring provides superb resilience, comforting support and a luxurious night's sleep. Relyon mattress fillings COTTON FELT Raw cotton felt is sourced world wide and is processed at Relyon's own plant to create natural cotton felt. The raw cotton is firstly carded, to remove all unwanted particles, then formed into a layer, nourished with natural oils, prior to a fire retardancy treatment. The final result is the purest white cotton felt, for guaranteed quality and softness. LAMBSWOOL The finest New Zealand lambswool is selected and sorted to provide a sumptuous warm filling with excellent hydroscopic properties that allows body moisture to evaporate. Lambswool is a natural insulator offering luxurious levels of warmth and softness. HAND TEASING This traditional craft enhances the inherent attributes of natural fillings. By holding a filling in both hands and gently separating the fibres, the natural resilience is better exposed to provide superior springiness and insulative qualities. This time consuming process ensures an even distribution of the fillings and results in a seductively soft feel. CURLED LOOSE HAIR Hand teased natural curled hair, sourced from South America, provides loft and resilience allowing the mattress to breathe cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Curled hair maintains its springiness longer than any other fillings and contributes to a deep luxurious feel that lasts and lasts. NATURAL TEASED HAIR PAD The inherent attributes of natural hair are combined with the durability of an insulation pad. The hair is teased before their natural strands are caught and threaded into the hessian pad for a secure natural fixing. A very durable product offering optimum support and resilience. REFLEX AND COMBUSTION MODIFIED FOAMS A new generation of foams have been exclusively designed by Relyon's sister company offering superior recovery properties. All feature open end structure for good air permeability and high resilience characteristics. WHITE FIBRE Designed and produced by Relyon's sister company, the fibre offers a soft resilience that is sterilised and dust free, therefore an ideal upholstery for allergy sufferers. LATEX Latex is a 100% natural material sourced from the Hevea Brasilienisis; a special rubber tree grown on plantations in South East Asia. This material is moulded using the Talalay process ensuring excellent natural ventilation properties. Latex is extremely durable, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. MOHAIR The long soft silky hair of the Angora goat has long been regarded as the most luxurious of bed fillings. Nothing can compete with its beautifully soft characteristics. CASHMERE AND CASHMERE PAD Historically cashmere has been regarded as the softest of natural hair, whilst maintaining the natural attributes of resilience and springiness. In a joining of old techniques with new, a contemporary insulation pad is carded with the natural hair to provide a cashmere hair pad Everybody needs a good nights sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. You might spend about one third of your life in bed ,so it is important that the mattress you choose is right for you. We offer the largest selection of mattresses from the most popular brands available in the UK, Sealy, Slumberland, Relyon,Sleepeeze and more Bedding and accessories shown are not included, illustrations are not necessarily exact. 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